Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Work I Love

Despite all the reams of redundant paperwork, endless and sometimes difficult meetings, boring and nonstop data entry, tedious and tiring secretarial work and recess duty where I often feel like a prison guard, I love my work. After a recent illness (nasty and annoying case of Fifth Disease) I went on vacation and spent a lot of time (still sick) thinking about what I do for a living. After long and thoughtful hours of thinking, journaling, and just wondering, I have finally made peace. I love my work with children. I'm born to do it and I am, thankfully, pretty good at it. But the other half of my job (never used to take up so much time but now it does) I like not so much. Not sure what has happened to my job description and not sure what the answer is as I swim around in paperwork, but for me, I need to remember, every moment I sit in a never ending meeting or pound away on the keyboard, how much I genuinely love my work with kids. And in that, I find peace.

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