Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eleven Eleven

So, I have been taking a break of late. Seems like I have forever been earning a Ph.D., presenting workshops in Atlanta and Chicago, then getting certified in yoga at the highest level (500 hours), taking additional yoga seminars around the country, taking meditation training, learning about Buddhism, writing a yoga blog, a personal blog and an art blog, taking a sabbatical, creating and running a gifted math program, teaching yoga to kids twice a week, setting up a fused glass display and making all the jewelry to sell my "jewels" in town, imagining writing a book all the while teaching full-time, working out 5 times a week, trying to eat and cook in the healthiest way possible, being there for family, friends and dogs.....I have just needed to STOP. Life is good, I have found, just as it is :) Oh, I am taking an art class which I love on Friday nights....but just for fun.