Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Found Me!

Newfound Lake, New Hampshire. Heard of it? It's right up there in the New Hampshire lakes region. The only bigger lake in the state is Lake Winnipesaukee, just around the corner. My dear and very generous friend asked if anybody wanted to come spend time with her at this fabulous little lake-front cabin she rented for pretty much the month of July. I immediately said, "Yes!" And now I say, "Bless you..." I tried kayaking for the second time in my life...first time was tandem...definitely not the same thing as floating along under your own paddle power. Seriously wonderful fun :) Can you say, "Hey that lake looks like glass!"

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So hard to believe but I am 56. 56. My husband tells me as we ride home from the airport on the eve of my birthday Tuesday night, we are 4 years away from 60....yikes. There is no denying I am getting older.

I waved good-bye to my 85-year old father on Tuesday morning as we pulled out of the driveway and headed to the airport. He is healthy but....85. He has a hard time walking, has nearly lost the sight in one eye, needs hearing aids so that he can tune into the noisy world around him. But, he is a model of how taking care of your body keeps your body alive and free from major disease. I hope I am on my way with that by working out, eating healthy and managing stress and emotion in my life.

My dad is also a world traveler. He has driven with his brother through the green hills of Ireland, rode a camel through the dusty Egyptian desert, been in a car accident in Iran! He has traveled the world and at 85 has many great stories and memories. Listening to him last week as I visited him in Idaho, I vow to travel, with my husband, to one unique and amazing destination that we haven't been to before, once a year from now on. We plan on doing this when we retire in our mid-60s. But after visiting my dad and hearing about a colleague's husband who died unexpectedly at 60, I am reminded, once again, that I should not wait to live my life.

I begin my 56th year with plans for the next 30 years (God willing) and those plans include continued work on my health, plans for travel (love to travel with my brother again!), and living a creative life full of love and laughter, friends and family with my wonderful husband. My life is what I choose to make it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


OK, this deserves a little explanation. My brother, Mike, came to visit me in Maine, same time last year. We had, of course, a fabulous time. But, he didn't come alone to that giant party we held last July....he came with Hermie. Hermie is his beloved travel mascot. Sadly, Hermie stayed in NYC last week (through no choice of his own!) and didn't accompany us on our Western adventure. Happily, however, as we were wandering through a skanky little shop, the basement, no less, in Edmonds, WA, Matilda, aka, Tilly, caught my eye. Of course, she she had to become our new travel mascot. She's one happy-go-lucky gal with magnetized hands and should see her swing from a metal table! In upcoming blogs I may write more about her and her Wild West antics. Cute little sock monkey, don't you think?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pike Place Public Market

One stop on my big adventure with my brother out West was the beloved Pike Place Market in Seattle. It is full of life, color, energy. We bought some dark chocolate-covered cherries that were delicious but mostly we just walked around remembering the market and enjoying the amazing feel of the place. There was a time "they" were going to tear down the market, however it thrives today because of loyal Seattelites. An amazing place to revisit and linger.....

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last night as I sat out on our deck watching the glorious sunset with my loving husband and his two wonderful sisters I thought about family. I thought about how amazing it is to sit next to somebody you have so much history with. Somebody who looks like you. Somebody who has seen you at your best (winning swimming championships in high school) and your worst (recovering from a painful divorce in your 40s). In New England the only blood family I have is my brother who I don't see much. Although we are pretty much in constant contact by phone, e-mail, Facebook, it really doesn't replace sitting next to him on the dock and being able to smile at his nose which looks just like my dad's nose, admire his thick hair which is just like my sister's hair, and feel our mom's energy and sense of humor as he laughs and talks about his life. I love my life and wouldn't trade a thing except, maybe, the opportunity to spend more face time with people who are my blood relatives.

No having much family here, although I so love the one I married into, is a loneliness that I find hard to deal with sometimes. Happily I will be able to look into my brother's delightful, handsome and loving face on Friday and enjoy all my Idaho relatives (father, sister, her kids and their kids) by mid-next week. I will cherish those times and enjoy every moment.