Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 1 of 30 Days of Running/Jogging. Ready. Set. Go!

I am taking up the challenge of a marathon-running co-worker of mine to run (well, more like jog) every day in December.  I like the discipline of it all and I am wondering if it might help my muffin top melt away.  I will most likely walk some of the way.  I may only run 20 minutes a day.  I may run with my crazy yellow lab or I may run alone.  I might run at 6:00am or 6:00pm.  I will probably run indoors at the gym some days.  Or other days I will bundle up and run through the freezing cold neighborhood of the cute little town in Maine that I live in.  At the end of the month, I will put on my jogging shorts and T-shirt and jog along the warm and sunny streets of Fort Myers, Florida.  I might even run on the beach!  I have no idea how this will affect my body or my mind.  I have read that too much running can actually be counterproductive to whatever little muscle mass I have built up through circuit training these past 5 months.  And I recall a muscle-bound short little 5-foot tall trainer who I worked with last year.  She was in perfect physical shape, saying that running actually made her gain weight!  On the other hand, some bodies seem to love all that heart-pounding aerobic activity and look lean and muffin-top free.   I am sure my bones will love the skeleton-jarring workout which can only be good for my osteopenia;  tho I worry some about my knees!  But, hey, Vanderbilt University reports that I will burn 100 calories a mile and reduce my blood pressure AND feel the rush of exhilarating endorphins near the end of my run!  Whatever may come to pass, I vow to run/jog everyday in December.   

But first, I had better change my shoes and have one more cup of tea.....