Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Carrots, broccoli, summer squash, mushrooms ready for stir fry
Onions, garlic and spinach also stir fried
 Energized with all the time I have to be creative and healthy now that my husband and I are retired, I tried this last night!

What exactly is bibimbap?  Let us turn to the "wisdom" of the wikipedia for info on this pricey Korean dish I love to eat at our local Street Restaurant and made last night for a really delicious vegetarian and paleo meal:

Cauliflower "rice" in cast iron pan with olive oil, sesame oil, hot sauce
 "The word literally means "mixed rice". Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste), soy sauce, or doenjang (a fermented soybean paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions."

Stir fired veggies spooned onto "rice"

Interestingly, listening to an audio dictionary, the word is pronounced as tho the "i" is a long "e" sound...and the "bap" sounds more like "bop."   So, when you order this dish, you order, "beebeebop" or something like that 😁

Fried eggs (looking a little funky...not enough fat in pan when frying!) placed on top
 Whatever the pronunciation and definition, and without gochuijang or doejang, this dish last night was really amazingly delicious made with cauliflower "rice" I found at Trader Joe's.  

I wonder what is going on with my brother when he tells me he is a vegan and yet, philosophically I'd love to be a vegetarian.  However, there is just a not-so-little little problem in that my body seems to like meat.  Anyway, check this out.....takes a little time to make (chop, chop, fry, fry) but really, really delicious and super healthy!  And I could easily add meat!

Serve in individual servings with pea shoots and bean sprouts (delicious fresh crunch!)