Friday, February 26, 2010

New Florida Homestead?

This is us in the backyard of a possible house option in a wonderful community, Sandoval, in Cape Coral...ya never know....winter in Florida and summer in New England. I just cannot get over all the blue-hairs, I want to live with that? And, I'm not finding much culture, art, university free-thinking types....would I be happy just golfing and laying on the beach...NO! So much to think about..... Advantages to a community but look behind us.....and they tell us they have a "No Monotony clause"????? Yikes. And look at the "cages" everybody puts over a space in their backyard. Generally a pool is in the center but....kind of odd......So MUCH to think about....

Florida Sun!

Self portrait, Captiva Island, Florida...sun!!!!!!! Loved Captiva Island. Yes, we are wearing jackets and sweaters but no snow pants! I'll take 60s in Florida vs. a New England winter storm....February Fury??? February Fun for the Markleys :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just Before Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day....I spent an early Valentine's Day with those I love! Miss B....what a sweetie pie!
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