Sunday, July 11, 2010


OK, this deserves a little explanation. My brother, Mike, came to visit me in Maine, same time last year. We had, of course, a fabulous time. But, he didn't come alone to that giant party we held last July....he came with Hermie. Hermie is his beloved travel mascot. Sadly, Hermie stayed in NYC last week (through no choice of his own!) and didn't accompany us on our Western adventure. Happily, however, as we were wandering through a skanky little shop, the basement, no less, in Edmonds, WA, Matilda, aka, Tilly, caught my eye. Of course, she she had to become our new travel mascot. She's one happy-go-lucky gal with magnetized hands and should see her swing from a metal table! In upcoming blogs I may write more about her and her Wild West antics. Cute little sock monkey, don't you think?

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