Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last night as I sat out on our deck watching the glorious sunset with my loving husband and his two wonderful sisters I thought about family. I thought about how amazing it is to sit next to somebody you have so much history with. Somebody who looks like you. Somebody who has seen you at your best (winning swimming championships in high school) and your worst (recovering from a painful divorce in your 40s). In New England the only blood family I have is my brother who I don't see much. Although we are pretty much in constant contact by phone, e-mail, Facebook, it really doesn't replace sitting next to him on the dock and being able to smile at his nose which looks just like my dad's nose, admire his thick hair which is just like my sister's hair, and feel our mom's energy and sense of humor as he laughs and talks about his life. I love my life and wouldn't trade a thing except, maybe, the opportunity to spend more face time with people who are my blood relatives.

No having much family here, although I so love the one I married into, is a loneliness that I find hard to deal with sometimes. Happily I will be able to look into my brother's delightful, handsome and loving face on Friday and enjoy all my Idaho relatives (father, sister, her kids and their kids) by mid-next week. I will cherish those times and enjoy every moment.


  1. You are so loved by all of us, Joy. Thanks for being part of our family........

  2. Thanks, Jacki :) That really means a lot to me.....

  3. From reading your blog the last few months and looking at the pictures, you are so blessed and the good thing is, you know you are blessed. Have fun with your family, while in the wild, wild west. Sorry we couldn't connect, next time!