Sunday, March 14, 2010

We All Belong to Something or Someone!

Here you have the mother of the Navy graduate (Ensign Rooke!), the uncle (and owner of Easterly Surveying) and Grandpa of the graduate...with his Navy sweatshirt on (which he loves..and thanks Cam for!).

Father and daughter (great photo).

Father and son :) Another great photo.

These shirts I have NEVER seen we are....
crazy family members of the guy who owns Easterly Surveying :)
We all belong to someone :)


  1. Great Photos! I bet Ferd loved that sweatshirt! FUN!

  2. Next time we get together we should do a cowgirl goods one and Get soaked t-shirt picture

  3. And I can make up some Calm and Joyful Yoga T-Shirts!