Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'll Take Two Pairs of Chanel Boots

I'll take the black quilted leather side pouch ankle boots for $1295 and throw in that brown pair, too. Just put it all on my account. I know many of the well-coifed and perfectly dressed women we saw wandering around the Chanel store on 5th Avenue were doing just that. Of course, then, there were lots of people like me, summer tourists who embarrass their siblings who actually live in New York, by walking around in slow motion pointing with their mouths half open. New York City (from Jackson Heights...this really cool Indian section with delicious curry and women walking around in fabulous, colorful, sparkly saris) to Times Square (what an amazing place to be as the sun sets and all the buildings light up) is jaw dropping and I've been here 10 times. I get the side of New York that makes people want to move. It is dirty. When I come home after a day out the first thing I am relatively obsessed with doing is washing my hands with antiseptic. It is crowded. You have to get that "bite me" attitude as you try to navigate the crowded sidewalks in some sections of New York. People can be distant and unfriendly. On the subways, for example, people have a variety of ways of keeping their world small. Many wear sunglasses or listen to their i-Pods, watch a movie or read a book. Some sleep. Nobody makes eye contact. But, I love New York and am so grateful my brother moved here 16 years ago as I never would have had the chance to even dream of wearing those fancy Chanel boots if I hadn't seen them in this window display :)


  1. I'll take a pair too while your at it! Looks like a grand time is going on in NYC! FUN!

  2. Joy soon turned into a true NEW YORKER within two days of being there! It was a great time!