Friday, August 7, 2009

Baked by Melissa

Right in downtown Soho, New York, you can buy 3 delicious little mini stuffed cupcakes for $3 at this cute shop (actually, it's more like a little cupcake stand) called Baked by Melissa. For those of you reading all my posts, this is not the same aspiring actress Melissa who works at Origins, below :). Baked by Melissa is attached to Cafe Bari and scrunched in between fancy clothing stores and restaurants - you'd miss it except for the line of customers waiting to pay their $3. The cupcakes are tiny as you can see from the photo of me holding three different flavors: cookie dough, cookies and cream and s'mores. They were just one delicious bite (well 1/2 a bite as I shared each with my brother). Our favorite was S'mores and we would have bought anything with peanut butter (the flavors are peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter cup) but they were out. Doing some research I found out that Baked by Melissa is owned by 25 year old Melissa Bushell. She was fired from her corporate job and started baking cupcakes (with her brother's support) and seems to have become quite the little cupcake success story. I love New York! Check out Melissa's website at

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