Friday, August 7, 2009

Meet Melissa at Origins

Meet Melissa. Melissa is an aspiring actress from New York City (originally from Massachusetts) who works at Origins in Soho, New York City. Honestly, after chatting with her for a bit, I felt badly for her. She came to the big city to start a theater troupe, The Garage Band Group, or something like that. She and my brother lamented how difficult it is to really make it, creatively, in New York. My brother, for example, puts enormous effort into getting his cooking show up and on TV. He has written numerous scripts for the Broadway stage and spends hours blogging and writing a cookbook. I love his work. But, his real job, Monday through Friday, is working for TruTV. Melissa is on a long hiatus from her Garage Band Group. She pays the bills by working at the skin care store, Origins. New York, the place where dreams come alive or die, I guess? It is an inspiring town, no doubt. You think you can do anything here. I always leave ready to create and change the world.

Here Melissa is successfully selling me products from the Origins natural, organic skin care line. Dr. Andrew Weil, if you can believe it, endorses a line of healing products for the skin. I'm such a sucker for these kinds of things when I travel. I was looking for a body wash (well I did need that) and Melissa brought over every citrus soap in the store for me to try. So I lathered up over a huge sink right in the middle of the store. I tried, "Calm to Your Senses" Lavender and Vanilla...not different enough from the 6 other bottles of lavender body wash I have at home, no thanks. I tried "Gloom Away," Grapefruit body and bath wash. It smelled too much like my breakfast. I tried, "Ginger Burst" a savory body wash.....just wasn't quite what I wanted. And then I tried "Jump Start" stimulating body wash....ok now....that's what might work. I know I sound like a commercial but all these products are made with essential oils and smell so good. I inhale in that way that you "feel" the scent way in your lungs. And my skin was significantly softer after washing my hands repeatedly with all these different soaps. Jump Start was the choice...we'll see if it jump starts my day when I give it a go this morning :)

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