Monday, August 10, 2009

Jackson Diner, Jackson Heights, NY

I have been to New York to visit my brother at least as many years as he's lived there (16). He usually escorts me to the same places each time. We wander through Soho as I am inspired by all the art. We visit Dean and Deluca to gawk at all the amazing pastries, breads, canned goods and spices from all over the world. But this trip we went to a new place for lunch, the Jackson Diner (thanks to Andy for the suggestion). Kind of a funny name for an Indian restaurant, but wow....what a lunch. Between 12 and 5 or something like that, this restaurant serves a huge Indian buffet full of interesting chicken, vegetable and lamb dishes. I can't stand lamb so avoided those but the tandori chicken and the curry chicken were spicy hot and delicious. I didn't like the spinach dish but loved the roasted vegetables. And the chick pea masala was really tasty. I also ate a huge chick pea flour tortilla the size of a giant platter, which had a potato filling and was rolled into a long tube. Amazing with the sweet sauce you dipped it in. The naan was kind of cold and somewhat plain but good anyway. Little side note here, nothing beats the naan at Naan and Curry in San Francisco. They make fresh and delicious, warm naan with potato, curry and pea filling right in front of you! I read a bunch of reviews of Jackson Diner dating back to 2005. I guess Hillary Clinton has dined there. I also see that not everybody has been happy with the service and some complain about it not being as clean as they'd like. But, the food, especially this buffet, was really delicious and inexpensive. I know when I return to New York soon with my husband, we'll be checking this place out again for another yummy lunch.

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  1. That was a fun lunch! Jackson Diner is one of the best Indian diners in all of NYC. It's called Jackson Diner because it's housed in Jackson Heights, one of the largest Indian neighborhoods in all of NYC!