Friday, May 22, 2009

Rush to Judgment

I have been reminded twice today to expect better of people and to not rush to judgment. Not feeling well is no excuse but may be the reason I have been impatient lately. The cleaning lady I had made arrangements with did not show up this morning. Of course, it's all about me. I am sick and I have a 2:00 showing for a condo we have hard time selling and she must just be irresponsible and trying to annoy me. I assume she just isn't showing up because it's a great beach day. Turns out she had car trouble and did call my husband and he couldn't get a hold of me. And, then, my husband left our love of a dog, Olivia, in his office vestibule so he could go golfing. I told him to remember to leave the door unlocked as I don't have a key. It is 92 degrees out when I go to pick her up. She is jumping up and down in a air-conditionedless vestibule. Windows open, water available and her pillow nearby for her. How thoughtful of him I thought. When I turned the vestibule door knob, however, it was....locked! I am not thinking pleasant and kind thoughts about my husband at this point! Why wasn't he more thoughtful, I ponder. Is he trying to make me crazy? Turns out he did, in fact, leave the door unlocked, even checked it before he left. His upper floor tenant left after him and locked the door probably thinking he was locking Olivia safe in the vestibule! All of this rushing to judgment comes when I am too busy, too sick, too caught up. I hear the message loud and clear....slow down, relax, find that balance I know is somewhere within me but apparently, just beyond my reach right now! Remember what I know of yoga, learn and remember again.

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  1. Haha...I bet Ken just loved THIS posting...haha...great insight, sis!