Monday, May 25, 2009

Deck Gardening

Ever good-natured and trusted deck gardening assistant, Miss Olivia. She may make little dirty paw prints all the way across our clean wooden floors but she is so much good company, I just wipe up after her :)

These are my deck garden pots. I would love a large happy garden but these will do for now. We have a pepper pot with mint in the middle tub. The other two pots have dahlias, lavender and peonies in them! Gardening in a pot is so restrained. I'm hoping that from that tight squeeze a bountiful harvest will burst forth! Caged bird idea and all :)

Ahh...tomatoes! I love fresh tomatoes...nothing like them in the world. My husband makes THE BEST fresh tomato salsa ever. Here I have several varieties. Of course, when you have tomatoes, you have to grow basil! Imagine, fragrant basil, juicy and sweet red tomatoes, soft slices of fresh mozzarella drizzled with virgin olive oil...what a summer meal....finished off, of course with a refreshing and very green mojito (using our fresh mint!).

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