Friday, May 22, 2009

Fourth Visit?????

Always fun to look at a winter picture when it's 90 out!

Ok, I understand that a Prospective Buyer would want to come visit a condo they are considering paying good money for, twice. The third time seems excessive to me, but, I get it, you are spending a lot of money and it's your market right now. But, announcing at the third showing that you are planning on coming back on a 4th visit is outrageous. I know it's a buyer's market right now but I'm getting angry. Prospective Buyer is no fool. He knows we have to get the place "show ready" each visit. For us that means spending no less than 3 or more hours, together, scrubbing, mopping, straightening, putting every morsel of personalness in a closet, pushing one large TV into the bedroom closet and dragging a big screen TV into another (well, my husband pulls it using his belt). We also have to collapse our dog's bed (giant cage with loads of pillows) and remove any and all canine evidence, shoving it all under our bed. Today, I was and still am, sick. We have a woman who sometimes cleans our house. She was supposed to come this morning because I'm sick and we have a 2:00 showing. No message, no cleaning lady. So this morning, I cleaned for 4 hours, slowly, because I was sick. After the showing I hear from our real estate agent that Potential Buyer comes by for a few minutes, announces he has another place to look at, and runs off, stating that he will return on a fourth visit to "look at the electricals"!!!! He didn't even take time on a beautiful day to walk on the dock. Maybe, you're thinking, I should be thrilled that we even have a live PB but my real estate agent recently told me that she has had PBs in the past who look 4 times, as rude and inconsiderate as that is, and move on! I'm getting ready to talk with my husband about taking our beautiful, waterfront condo off the market! Maybe now is not the time to sell? At the very least, if we do sell to this PB, after we shake hands, get our money and give them our keys, I'm giving these **** people a piece of my mind......we need to sell but maybe not that badly I'm beginning to think!

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  1. It's called indecisive...there are so many wealthy people I know who can't make up their minds! Ah, those wacky rich people!