Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carb Queen

Yep, I am a carb queen. I have been trying to drop that extra 10 pounds recently. It just dogs me....10 pounds. I have also been sick the past couple of days. When I am sick I seek comfort foods...carbohydrates. I see why losing that 10 pounds is hard for me. No snack is better than multigrain corn chips with creamy hummus, whole grain bread with butter and jam, a banana, low fat ice cream sandwiches. All my food has an edge of healthiness but so many carbs! My brother is writing a book and developing a TV show on food and mood. Carbohydrates elevate your mood. So I see why it's so hard to lose weight! If I am using carbs for comfort vs. eating food for body fuel, I feel like I really need to reflect on why I am seeking so much comfort? Or maybe it's just a bad habit. I'm thinking that instead of munching on salty chips or smoothering a chunk of crusty wholegrain bread with a slab of Smart Balance when I feel the urge but am not really hungry, I should finish that colorful little button watch band I started....get comfort from being creative vs. dancing around stuffing my carb queen face!

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  1. Carbs in MODERATION is good! Good, good, good!


    YOUR bro food therapist!