Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Tide Comes In.......

Friday night poker. To start things off last night, my clever husband set up a blind vodka tasting test after appetizers and before dinner. We compared six different vodkas. I hated them all (different versions of rubbing alcohol to my taste buds) but my poker playing friends rated Three Olives as number one, Shirmnoff's and Svedka as second and third, Grey Goose, Pinnacle and Skyy as last. Surprising, huh? Who ever heard of Three Olives?

Post vodka, we were definitely ready to play cards. I love to win and hate to lose and I'm pretty hard on myself when I do lose. With cards, we have a little mantra, "The tide comes in....the tide goes out." It's a good life lesson. Sometimes things go my way, sometimes they don't. Have faith, I tell myself as I'm watching all my change disappear, the tide will eventually turn. Last night, for my husband and me, the tide came in and in and in. I don't believe our friend, D, won one hand of poker, yet he was an excellent sport about it all. The last time we played at our house and my tide was on a mad rush out, I actually threatened to get up and leave the game! I'd like to think it was the crazies you get the night before you are sick for a week, but maybe not. Despite the inevitable rise and fall of my stacks of quarters, nickels, and dimes, I try to just enjoy the game and remember it is a lot of fun. Of course that's easy for me to write after last night. Next week I know...the tide may be rushing out again :)

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