Sunday, March 15, 2009


We seem to be doing a lot of entertaining lately and I love it. My new thing is to try and cook tasty and enjoyable yet healthy food. Last night I made home made pizza using whole wheat pizza dough. I have to admit it was really, really fun to once again get my hands on a ball of dough and knead away for 10 minutes. One of my friends/guests, a very creative ceramic artist, helped with getting the dough into the pan. We laughed when she created the likenesses of Vermont and New Hampshire although that certainly wasn't her original intent :) I asked her load a pizza. She's a vegetarian and a cook so I knew her combinations would be interesting and tasty. Check out her pizza on the left. My husband loaded the pizza on the right and we can call that one meat lovers madness. It all leads me to think about vegetarianism vs omnivorism. I have several friends who are strict vegetarians (I would be constantly hungry) , I know of several people who are off and on again vegetarians, and some people, like my husband, seem to avoid most vegetarian fare (salad, for example, would never be his first choice at a meal). Last night as we were getting ready to cook these two pizzas side-by-side I asked my vegetarian friends if that was acceptable. I had a friend in the past who would not eat a pizza cooked on the same pan with meat lovers madness, cross contamination she would tell me. My goal for cooking and eating of late is to keep it healthy, tasty, and filling. I am not so sure both these pizzas fit that criteria!

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