Monday, July 23, 2012


My insurance this year will only pay $150 for the gym.  They used to pay the full amount, $300.  They now pay $150 for a class or trainer.  And, so, my husband and I decided to hire a trainer to help get our 58 year old *&^s  in shape. 

The biggest challenge for me has been changing my habits.  I survived a crazy childhood by being smart.  I like to know I can do things on my own.  So, trying to get in shape  I used to spin like a fiend on the run 3 times a week, eat healthy food (whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta) most of the time, and I became certified in teaching yoga and meditation.  I even taught yoga to kids.   Alas, the muffin top resting over my capri jeans, maintains. 

And, so, I thought I'd see what the trainer might offer.  The hardest thing to get used has been that my thinking was wrong.  What works is 6 small meals with a carb and protein, lots of veggies and fruit.  What works is weight lifting 3x a week.  Too much spinning isn't good, burns muscle.  Bread, even whole wheat is discouraged.   I am still in the change-up phase.  I try to eat multiple meals and a big, big breakfast.  I am still trying to stop snacking on nuts and raisins before bed.  I try to drink 32 ounces of water each day.  That's not so hard as I just fill up my green bottle twice.  And, I try to get 3 weight lifting workouts in.  I think I need to be more scheduled about the aerobics as walking with the dog just doesn't seem like enough. I think my new thing will be 30 minutes of aerobics following weight lifting and 3 other days of the week. 

I wonder if I would ever look like my trainer with toned arms and a flat belly.  She tells me it's unlikely as she has been working out with weights and eating the mini meals for 20 years.  And, what size is she, 0?  I am trying to just see where this little venture takes me.  Hopefully I won't look like #7, Miss Hard Fitness, above.  Spose there is no fear of that ;p

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