Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When the Butterfly Flies Upside Down...

"All we have left are two "A"s," my daughter-in-law tells me as I stand looking in the girls' bedroom, over at the wall next to Addie's bed. Two years ago for my grand daughters' birthdays I decorated cute little wooden letters to spell out their names. Two years later, big surprise, mischievous little Miss Addie has "lost" the D, the L, the Y, and the N. You'd think replacing them would be easy. Ah, don't you know life? First, I couldn't find the cute little curly-Q letters at Michael's Craft Store. Where is A.C. Moore when you need them?

After lots of searching and a conversation with the store clerk, I finally found the small section of wooden letters. Sadly, instead of cute and curly, these letters were small and squarish but I still thought they still might make an OK replacement for the D, the L, the Y and the N. Spelling out Adalyn's name, I noticed lots of As (which I didn't need) hanging on the display, a number of Ys, and plenty of Ls. But, no D's. How can you run out of D's? Hmmm. What to do?

Use the giant letters, hung just below the little ones!

Now, what theme shall we use to decorate them? The green frogs and purple flowers I used to embellish her letters two years ago are...nowhere to be found. Time for something new, anyway. Flower theme? No. Animal theme? That's kind of a cute idea. Mini and Mickey Mouse? Nope.

I need something spunky, kind of funny, very cute and girly with sparkles and shine. And then I saw my grand daughter smiling down at me from the top row of a rack of fancy stickers. She was all decked out with a crown, pink toe shoes and a princess wand! Yep, that's the theme!

This story is not over yet. Last night I decorated, redecorated, fiddled and faddled until I was finally done. This morning I hot-glued everything down. I glued on the ribbon hangers and finished the back with a purple button. And when I was done.....the butterfly on the N was flying upside down! My husband laughed and said, "It's kind of like when peanut butter and chocolate end up together!"

And so I fell in love with the little upside down butterfly and wrote on the back of N:

When you are feeling upside down and blue
Remember Grammie and Grampie
Love you.

Once again, Addie has her name, all decorated, this time in a spunky princess and butterfly theme, ready to hang on the wall by her bed. And maybe those GIANT letters will be harder to misplace :)

Happy 3rd Birthday dear grand daughter on our birthday,
July 14!

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