Friday, July 8, 2011


Poor Livy. Apparently, labs have tender toes. Two years ago she split open her front right paw on ice. Of course she was running like a maniac over our winter wonderland out back, but still :( Four days ago she was happily playing fetch out on the beach in the front of our property with her BBF, Sammy. All done playing she was walking in the garage and bloody footprints followed her. She'd split open her back left paw and her front right paw again, tho in a different place than last time. The front paw was a jagged little tear that healed quickly. The back paw, however, has a nasty gash...maybe a shell? Maybe some glass left on the beach? Who knows. For a dog who LOVES to run and play it's so sad to see her.....depressed. She will heal, and is already, but, it'll probably happen again. Poor Livy.

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