Saturday, May 7, 2011


So, here are Sammy and Olivia. Sam and Livy. I have always wanted two dogs. When we picked out Olivia as a puppy I asked my husband, "Can we get her brother?" as I eyed a hyper little male lab jumping all around. "Are you out of your mind?" was his speedy response. I thought, at the time he was probably right. Be careful what you wish for. Scroll forward 3 years and here is Mr. Sammy in need of a new home. Well-loved at his former home with my sister-in-law's daughter and family, he's just got too much energy and needed to move on. Too much energy is relative. He's calm compared to our little Energizer Bunny Olivia. I think Sammy actually calms Olivia down. Now spoiled Olivia has to wait her turn. Sam and Livy. And, I am sure Sammy feels like he's in some sort of exercise camp. Yesterday he played ball with Olivia in the morning. The day before we played hall ball and he husseled up and down the stairs to retrieve his ball. This evening he played run-around-the-garage with us as I tossed small pieces of food and he took off in one direction and then the other. He came upstairs and collapsed. He'll be buff in no time. What a sweet pair of pups! Best Friends Forever, I'm thinking! Thanks, Jacki, for bringing Sammy into our happy home.
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  1. Awww yay for Olivia!! Congratulations on your new addition!!