Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easta Bunny Visited Greenland!


We drew a house for the horses with ice cream chalk!

Look at all those Easta eggs!

The Easta Bunny hid eggs for us to find this morning....and her name
is Grammie Joy (with help from Daddy Dan).
Don't you like our self-portrait?

Baskets, eggs, stuffed animals, money, bubbles, chalk and
beautiful Easta dresses (thanks for the dresses Grammie B)!
What an Easta we had!

We had to hunt high and low for those eggs...

We got a little advice from Dad and Grampie.

We tried to send bubbles Grampie's way...he was acting like a monster!

What a great breakfast!
What a great Easta!

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  1. Perfect day! Great photos! Thank you for sharing.