Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vintage (Previously-loved) Clothing......

When I was younger, how much somebody spent on me represented how much they cared for me and that seemed to turn into how much I valued myself. Not good. Gratefully I am older and those feelings don't weigh on me any more. Given those lovely, unhealthy feelings I swam around in as a young girl, I could never have imagined shopping at the Goodwill with my girlfriends; Nordstroms was the only place to get the newest style when I was in high school. The Goodwill, Oh My God!, was for poor people (and I felt poor, in many ways, so the last thing I wanted to do was shop in a store for those of modest means!). Funny how life changes. Yesterday I had the most enjoyable time with my brother and step-daughter. We went to 3 different used clothing stores (called Vintage Shops these days), one was a giant store the size of a supermarket (Savers, apparently, the 250th Savers with stores in Australia...well, this may not be a Vintage shop per se as the sea of clothing is organized by style, color and size....I love it, tho!) and came home with a trunk full of cute skirts, sweaters, blouses, jackets, jewelry, cheetah shoes, 2 handbags, 10 books ($1 each)...all for around $150 and some of it brand new. "Amazing," I thought as we pulled into the garage, "that's the price of a new Fossil handbag I had my eye on at Macy's."

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