Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chocolate Covered Giant Marshmallows!

Last night we had a chocolate fest of sorts with friends.....we started with truffle mixing and flavoring, moved onto chocolate-covered marshmallows, and ended with truffle rolling. AND, we drank chocolate martinis all the while (thanks, Julie!). Yes, there is a video as proof but my friend has to be paid off to not post on facebook! I was having a good time :P

To make the mouth-watering truffles, we mixed cream and chocolate (well, Ken did this part) and then flavored the base with either cayenne pepper (creating the famous Afterburn); peppermint chips and peppermint flavor (creating the new Merrymint!); or grated orange peel and fresh orange juice (creating the well-known Sassy Citrus). Once melted and mixed, we put our bowls of delectable chocolate outside to in Maine means that during December the outdoors, well, right on our deck, right now, it's like a giant refrigerator/freezer. So, our truffle mixture chilled on our porch (at about 24 degrees) while we moved on with our next project...ginormous chocolate-covered marshmallows! See evidence above. Post giant marshmallow dipping, we returned to the truffles to roll in chocolate, I mean to roll THE chocolate.......I served the important roll of "quality control" manager to the delight of my husband and friends....the chocolate rollers :P

I groan and moan about the holiday season. I'm just so busy and then there are the holidays....I don't know where to find the time to do all we want to do....but, this was fun and the chocolate marshmallows were delicious....surprising my husband who had doubts....ah, ye have so little faith in my ideas but at least you are willing to see what will happen! Chocolate holidays...ho ho ho.

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