Monday, June 14, 2010

What To Do on a Rainy Spring Day

Well, first you fill up the sink with water and start pouring from ladle to bowl to sister's hand...
Stop screaming, Sis!...I'm bigger, I get the bigger sink!

Grampie is looking a little intense...
Take a chill pill Gramps...
But, seriously, I'm so stylin in my pink hat, don't you think?

OK, tired of that...hmmm. What's next?
Hey these are cool little bubble guns. Lets' see.
Yah, this is pretty darn cool. Look puppy, bubbles!

Point, click and watch the bubbles fly!
I'm loving this but my sister is getting kind of bored.
She's so young.

So she decided to go inside, peel off her clothes and play with the crazy lab.
Unfortunately for her, that sweet but whacky dog is more interested in the carpet then her!
When it rains, my advice is to put on your favorite pink hat,
splash around in the sink a bit and then go find a bubble gun! poblemo for me and my sis!


  1. It's great to see the pictures of the girls. Thanks for posting them. I really miss them!