Sunday, June 13, 2010

Muffin Top, You Win

So, I have been working out a lot lately. Maybe because my 56th birthday looms, but for whatever reason, I am on a mission to be as healthy as I can as I near 60. Here's an example, I spin in the wee hours of the weekend mornings as my husband snores away in our warm and cozy bed. I lift weights in a class full of buff bodies on beautiful spring evenings while my husband sits on our deck enjoying a cocktail. And, I lift weights on my own when a class is not available, following my trainer's advice. I ride my elliptical machine at home while trying to catch up on the latest episodes of So You Think You Can Dance (OK, why do I torture myself, those young and vibrant kids have perfect bodies!) when I would much rather be sleeping on the couch after a long and stressful day at work. And, tho I am definitely getting in much better shape I retain a stubborn and fleshy muffin top (fat and flab) spilling out over the top of my jeans. Such a lovely sight. My husband tries to make me feel better when I complain. "Just imagine what you'd look like if you didn't work out," he tries to console me. Thanks, I feel so much better now.

Tthis lovely Sunday morning, as I was madly spinning away at the raw hour of 7:30 am, huffing and puffing, my eye caught the backside of two women sitting directly in front of me. In their skin-tight black riding shorts and brightly colored little bra-like spandex tops, their bodies looked.....amazing. No muffin tops there. One woman's rear end, which is not a foot ahead of my frantically spinning self, looked tight and firm and I know she's near my age. How do they do that I ask my breathless self? I lift weights like I am supposed to, straining so much in a recent class, that I gave myself a giant hemorrhoid that took me a week to recover from, no kidding! I get into my workouts with fierceness so I know I am really burning fat and building muscle. I work out on a regular basis, often 6 times a week. I eat a healthy diet and as a consequence, am rarely full or satisfied with my low fat, low salt, low calorie meals and still....the muffin top.

In my best yoga self, I am resigned. I give in and vow to let it be as it is obviously meant to be. I know I am physically fit and taking care of myself. Muffin top, you win :P

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  1. Do I ever agree, Sis!!!!!!!! We were meant to be forever muffin tops. Ask my daughter and I. We figure we just try to keep the size of the muffin top manageable in our clothes. It never sees sunlight. When you have no space between certain physical anatomy, what can we say???? But being in good health is the best thing for ya anyway. Sis