Monday, April 12, 2010

Yoga Weekend

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I had a very interesting, inspiring, thoughtful, and exhausting weekend. It started with a yoga meeting with my yoga mentor on Thursday night and ended with a yoga for kids workshop, yesterday, Sunday, at 5:30. The best part of the weekend was meeting up with a bunch of people, some I knew, some I didn't, and instantly feeling comfortable with them, no New England sarcasm or critical eye (well, mostly not!). One of the few places, other than home for me, where I don't have to play a role or be ready for somebody to react in some crazy way to something I've said or done. I also love the depth of my 500-level yoga training (my Friday night event) which I don't see so much with kids yoga. The kids yoga that was presented is mostly fun and relaxing. The adult yoga is spiritual, soulful, ageless. In my kids yoga classes I try to bring some of that traditional, peaceful yoga and the kids seem to love it. It's so great to step out of my life for a few days, be around new people, and learn new things...ommmmmmm.

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