Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Fun Family Easter

Dan getting ready to blow some giant bubbles....Tinkerbell and Brisla looking on...., THOSE are bubbles!

Bethany and her dad.

Bethany and her mother-in-law...can I be THAT old????

Guys and their beer...

Lazy dogs..

And dogs obsessed with tennis balls...

And dogs just happy to be free! Fiona is finally recovered from her broken back :(

Father and son and the littlest of the Markleys.

The old people :P

Enjoying Easter...ah...Tink, get out of the photo!

Brisla certainly enjoyed Easter!

Gabe, you're such a dad now...nice happy face salad.
It was even tastier when Bethany ground up all the fruit and added rum!

Bethany expressing her feelings :)

Dan with a smile.

And the beautiful Markley girls...this is what Easter is all about!

We hope you enjoyed your Easter :)

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  1. Great Pics and captions, Joy...Your the official family paparazzi!