Monday, January 18, 2010

A Walk Around My Home on a Snowy Winter Day

I haven't been blogging much because I've been spending all my time working hard, paying bills, cleaning house, working out.....ahhhhh. I haven't been inspired because I'm so tired. But today was different. As I was playing catch in the backyard with my sweet and cabin-fevered yellow lab I looked around at the snow. I took a deep breath and smiled. I was amazed. I was inspired. I was happy to be alive. It was beautiful outside!!

This is on the side of our building and it looks just like a winter wonderland. We saw Avatar last night and it's put me in that magical frame of mind...what marvelous creatures might live amongst these snow-laden trees, I wonder?

And, who is hiding in these bushes, waiting to walk on the powder white snow once I pass on by?

Our giant dock looks like a runway...all covered in white, fluffy cotton candy...crunching under my boots as I walked out to the floating dock.

No boats here now. No kids with life vests running around. No shorts and suntan lotion....everything lies in wait until it warms up again.

The stone wall out behind my home...little triangular piles of snow clinging to the ledges.

Trees and bushes at the water's edge, snoring away, encased in ice.

And up a little hill, there is a gate to a tiny cemetery at the side of my property...

I never think much about who lies here but what a view they have for ever after.

A walk around my home on a snowy winter day.
I see.
And I am happy!

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