Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yikes, my spinning class numbers 14 when it's at full capacity so it is nothing like this. Nonetheless I am here to write that the best workout I have ever found that is easy on the body and kicks your *&^%^ is spinning! Spinning was created about 20 years ago by a cyclist as a means to train for races. I don't want to ride a serious bike outside (in New England I'm sure I'd be run over) and I don't care to ride competitively at all. I just love the workout I get from 60 minutes of riding my legs off in a little room along side 13 other breathless riders. There are instructors who turn on the disco ball (what IS this?) during class. Instructors who have you climb a hill every 5 minutes (I love this workout). And lousy instructors who apologize that they are tired as you find yourself yawing mid-class. But, no matter, I love spinning and how exhausted and invigorated I feel at the end of class. It should help keep this old body of mine in fairly good shape :P

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  1. Yes spinning is a favorite of mine as well. Its so nice to see u enjoying it and keeping youthful at the same time. Rock on sista, Im glad u are in my classes.