Friday, November 27, 2009

Tale of the Deep Fried Turkey

The tale of this turkey goes something like this...take a giant turkey bought by father-in-law, inject it with Italian seasoning, pierce it with an cave-man style hook, let it hum for a day in a big vat of salty and delicious brine, fill up the outdoor cooker with gallons of oil (father of the chef and owner of the house insisted this was an outdoor project :), hook up the gas and heat up that huge pot of oil, slowly maneuver the turkey into the pot of boiling oil (stand way back), watch as the oil boils over onto the driveway and causes colorful flames to shoot up and around the pot, shoo away the Mastif (named Tinkerbell) who has taken to licking up that delicious spilled oil, let said bird cook away for about an hour (check time frequently on your fancy new iPhone), get a big pot holder and lift crispy turkey out of hot-ass oil, have chef's father carve giant bird with an electric knife (which he has never used before), and then enjoy! This was one tasty bird! Kudos to the chef Gabriel and his sous chef, Dad :) :)

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