Friday, November 13, 2009


Wednesday I started to feel a scratchy throat. Thursday I started coughing and feeling like I was dragging a 100 pound weight around. Thursday night I felt chilled. With all the sickness going around I thought I'd better take my temperature. I didn't believe the digital display. I took my temperature 4 more times (did you know your temperature can vary 1 degree when you take it repeatedly?). Maybe the thermometer was broken I thought? I took my temperature with the old fashioned mercury thermometer I dug out of the bathroom drawer. I had, no matter how I measured it, a fever. "Fever?" I thought, "Piggy Flu!" But today I am not writhing in pain or throwing up or wishing I would die so I don't think it's H1N1. Last night I did a google search and found you can have a fever with a cold or a sinus infection. Who knew? Since I don't usually take my temperature when I'm sick I don't know if I usually get a fever when I have my yearly cold and sinus infection (which I have already had this year). In any event, given the scare these days and the directive from our school nurse to stay home if you have a I am....home, taking a fever reducer, swimming in water, coughing, and sniffling, feeling achy.....maybe I do have the flu but I'm counting on a bad cold.

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