Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flu Shot

My husband, who doesn't panic much, called me to tell me that maybe we should think about getting the flu shot. He had heard, just that day, that thousands not hundreds have died from the H1N1 virus, I called my doctor's office in a bit of a mild panic. I knew that you had to get the regular flu shot before the H1N1 vaccine. The medical receptionist promptly told me that they were no longer were giving the flu shot, they'd run out. They offered no help. They were out and too bad for me. When I asked, "So what am I supposed to do?" the woman put me on hold and returned to direct me to a couple of websites where I could enter my zip code and search for a clinic. Jesus. Then I remembered that our school nurse had sent out an e-mail a week ago, so I also knew there was a clinic of sorts in the mall. It was 5:00, the clinic closed at 7:00. I had heard somebody at work say that the wait for the flu shot was 2 hours the day before...ugh. I wondered if they would be out? I wondered if they would not give me the shot because I had a cough? When I arrived, the line was short but the scene was surreal. It seemed like something out of a syfy movie. The line wound back and forth. People waited quietly. We all filled out and signed long forms that detailed the potential side effects. The Merk employees took my insurance card. After a short time, I sat down and rolled up my sleeve. It all went easily and quickly but I was left with an uncomfortable feeling. Running to get the shot before they ran out? Thousands dying. My normally calm husband worried? The world we live in now frightens me. And, yes, the irony does not escape me....I got the flu shot on Thursday evening and was very sick Friday and today.

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