Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do You Know it All?

Have you ever met a person who acts like they know everything? Such people interest me. And, I appreciate their self-esteem issues if it's at a distance. But, having to be in close proximity with such people is...difficult. First, they are defensive and with good reason; who could know everything? Second, they are quick to find fault in everybody else because, of course, it's always easier to find fault in others vs oneself. It is fundamentally such a sad situation because who really can be his or herself around people like this? Being friends is hard. Being colleagues is hard. Being family is hard. You have a couple of choices. You react and tell the person either verbally or in an obvious nonverbal way that she or he is an idiot. You get defensive yourself which only makes it seem like you are engaging in some silly pre-school game. You find fault in everything this person does just because this person is so annoying and always finding fault with you. I like to think I can find that yoga side of myself in such situations and see that this person is in my life for a reason and blah, blah, blah. I like to think I can be that self-reflective soul who is peaceful and understanding as I relate to such a person. But, honestly, sometimes I just wish this Know-It-All would find a good therapist or simply leave the room.

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