Sunday, October 25, 2009

Willy Wonka and Pizza!

Last night my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed taking our granddaughter to her favorite place to dine out, Pizza Hut. She enjoyed a cheese personal pan pizza and pudding (vanilla AND chocolate). Then we went to my school where there was a Haunted House (Haunted Halls) and a Willy Wonka Hall! What fun!

Master of Ceremony

Giant Pumpkin Greeter

Wonders of the Bubble Machine
Notice Wonka in the Background!

Jimmy on the TV set with the Mad Scientist

Miss Blueberry!

Grandpa Limping Along (poor Grandpa has a slipped disc...ouch!)

If this isn't the cutest picture! I think she was an OmmpaLoompa

It's tiring having a night out with grandma and grandpa!

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  1. Brisla and I enjoyed looking at these pics together. She explained in detail all the pictures. :) he he. Thanks so much for being so involved and doing such special things with our children. We love u all....