Saturday, July 25, 2009


Watching cartoons with my stuffed pals (duckie, lobster, and dollie) and my favorite pillow grandma gave me.

We'll work backwards here....this was us all having fun in the morning. Kids help you remember to play, don't they? We were laying around just having fun until we dressed and left for the market where we bought a giant garlic, collard greens, yummy cookie, and fruit juice. Oh, and we stopped for a bit to play on the slide....

This was breakfast. Little Miss here ate a banana, a bowl of Cherrios (sans milk) and a tall glass of milk, in the Dora cup, of course :) Notice ever-present blankie.

And here we are doing one of our favorite things, cooking together in the kitchen. Last night I was making healthy chicken fingers (you soak chicken strips in buttermilk, roll the in crushed cereal and bake). My sous chef here loved crushing the cereal in the bag. We ate that with a healthy mustard/honey dipping sauce. She also loved my smoked paprika, roasted potatoes.

I love spending time with my older granddaughter. She is beautiful and amazing. Every time we are together I can tell she has changed. I find that miraculous. Not having had my own kids to watch develop and grow, I missed the chance to really understand this. I may have a Ph.D. in child development but it is something entirely different to be a part of a child's life and watch her grow. The process of childhood is a miracle, no doubt. And I am so happy to be a small part of that with my granddaughters!


  1. We use to spend every Friday or Sat night sleeping over at my grandparents. Saturdays were better because we would watch Lawrence Welk and drink beer and eat salami. Yep...they knew how to put us to sleep by 8pm;)

  2. Im so glad you girls and grampy had fun. Every week Brisla surprises me with something new. It amazes me how fast they pick up things and grow in to there own personalities. Amazing. Its so great you are taking time out of your busy schd and I know she looks forward to the time you spend with her. Hugs B