Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coconut Curry Halibut

Oh my is all I can say. I don't think of myself as much of a cook. But during the summer I have more time and energy and seem to make really tasty meals. My recent focus is on healthy but tasty meals. If they aren't tasty, my husband just won't eat them. I have to plug Ellie Krieger and her book, The Food You Crave. The recipes are easy, healthy, fresh and tasty. This recipe has coconut milk, chicken stock, curry, lime juice, cilantro, shallots and red onion (I didn't have green). You make a sauce, simmer the fish in it and then assemble your plate with brown rice on the bottom, steamed spinach on top of that, then lay the fish on top and pour on the sauce. It is just so good I can't believe it!

"Fresh, savory, healthy, light, and good texture," are the words this big guy used to describe dinner. It was delectable!

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