Sunday, July 12, 2009

Granddaughter's First Birthday!

A photo of Great (wonderful, amazing, creative, lovng, kind)
Auntie Marj taking photos of my birthday :)

Here's some family who came to enjoy my birthday with me.
That's Julia in front, well the back of Julia's head :)

I love getting presents!

Great (wonderful, amazing, kind, loving) Auntie Pam from Idaho.

Grandpa and Grandma are happy I'm 1!

Grandpa Rusty with silly string.

My favorite picture :)
Adalyn was playing with me, she initiated this.
She's really growing up!

Grandma Joy and me.

Daddy enjoyed my strange frog toy with the bulging eyeball.

Yep, I'm chewing on a rubber shark....I'm still teething, you know.

Sister Brisla and friend enjoying a juice!

I really enjoyed my birthday cupcake :) Chocolate is my favorite.

I am 1 year old!
Thank you for the assist, Mimi :)
I am almost ready to walk on my out!

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