Monday, June 22, 2009

My Amazing Brother

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So, I know my brother is amazing in multiple ways. But today, as I read his blog I thought, he really has a gift here. I couldn't stop reading. I know I write too much when I'm blogging sometimes. I mean, who really, cares about the minutia in my life but me? My brother tends to write longer blogs, too but, hey, he's a writer. He tells me that sometimes he hears complaints about his blog length. But today I could not stop myself from reading his blog and wished it went on and on! He's funny, insightful, such a clever writer and it's so much fun to read because it's all about delicious food and about his interesting life in happens all around food.....I so see his blog becoming a book some day. I'm so proud of him! Please check it out by clicking on the link above our picture!

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