Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soul to Soul?

I had a very insightful and interesting meeting with my yoga mentor, Julie, yesterday. My mom died nearly 2 years ago. I still "feel" her in my life in so many ways. My mom and I had a troubled relationship. I loved her and I know she loved me but there was a lot of pain between us. When I talked with Julie yesterday she offered that from the yoga perspective, maybe my mom and I agreed (on some spiritual level) to come together into this world. Perhaps my mom graciously agreed to be my difficult mother so that I could work out whatever it is that I need to work out in this lifetime. This may all sound crazy but somehow it was.....liberating. An I agree with Julie's comment that, "It makes the idea of being a 'victim' meaningless".

And so I think, maybe there
is some sort of grand plan. My skeptical, scientific Western mind rails but on another level....ya never know :) In any event...I wish my mother love and peace.

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