Saturday, March 7, 2009


OK, first I need to grab this here Cherrio off gramma's hand.

OK, I'll shove that one straight
into my mouth.
Oops looks like I have an escapee on my sleeve.

OK, let me try two more.
So tasty.
Oops again, looks like I'm losing another
Cherrio to my sleeve.

Aren't I a big girl????

It's a milestone, I think, when kids start to eat Cherrios. Today I spent the morning with my darling granddaughter while her mom, dad and sister all drove to upstate New York to pick up a new puppy. She was dropped off at our home this morning with a cute little container of Cherrios. Up until now she has only eaten completely pulverized baby food or a bottle. Cherrios, we thought, how cool. Using her chubby little fingers to carefully pick up each little Cherrio we placed in front of her, she quickly shoved as many as she could into her mouth. My granddaughter is growing up. Eye-hand coordination and Cherrios - giant developmental milestones in her short little life.

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