Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day - Brazo!

My sweet husband gave me red roses and Lindt chocolates and a wonderful Latin American, Spanish, Cuban, South American dinner for Valentine's Day. We went to Brazo a local restaurant for dinner and had a wonderful, tasty time. We started with a tapas which included warm olives, cold and delicious seviche on a homemade tortilla chip, calamari coated in some sort of nut and then fried, and fried potatoes (about 5 cubes) sitting in a paprika sauce. We also started with two different empanadas. One was delectable, filled with mushrooms and manchego, a marvelous Spanish cheese. The other empanada was forgettable (chorizo and potato). We stuffed ourselves on these starters while sipping glasses of a wonderful red wine. Can't recall the names right now but mine was some sort of Syrah and really good. After appetizers we shared an entree of beef tenderloin with a mushroom glace, creamed spinach (it was very rich and yummy) and a sweet potato gratin. It was a really excellent meal :) Well, there was some strange spice on the sweet potato gratin (actually I thought, is this sweet potato mold?) but I think it's some spice I have never liked. Other than that it was a really wonderful meal.

My husband will be away in Michigan this Saturday so we celebrated Valentine's tonight. His idea. We laugh because if you were to visit some restaurants on Valentine's Day you pay 1/2 again as much for the same meal. We have done that in the past and decided that our Valentine's Day from now on is always before or after the date. That way we avoid feeling ripped off and we avoid the crowds.

Valentine's Day, even though we all dislike how commercial and superficial it can be, helps me remember how much I love my husband. We met 14 years ago on Valentine's Day. Hard to believe! I was in graduate school and he was just so recently separated from his first wife., moves at a clip, doesn't it? Enjoy the moments I keep reminding myself!

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