Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Flu


J.P. McEvoy
When your back is broke and your eyes are blurred.
And your shin-bones knock and your tongue is furred,
And your tonsils squeak and your hair gets dry,
And you are doggone sure that you are going to die,
But you're scared you won't and afraid you will,
Just drag to bed and have your chill;
And pray the Lord to see you through
For you've got the Flu, boy,

You've got the Flu.

What is it about the flu? One minute you are fine, scurrying around the house, making dinner, enjoying an evening of cards, laughing. The very next morning you don't feel so good. You awake, and this is highly unusual, with absolutely no appetite. Hmm, you reflect, maybe I ate too much last night or I didn't get enough sleep? Soon after you are visiting the bathroom.....frequently. An hour later you find yourself pushing the dog out of the way as you run full speed down the hall to reach the bathroom in time. What is this digestive upset you wonder? Gee, you had better lay down you advise yourself, just until this nausea passes. Suddenly, despite all efforts to stay flat in bed, praying the misery enveloping your body will vanish, you find yourself once again in the bathroom only this time you are letting loose with the entire contents of your stomach. Your body aches. Your hair hurts. The smell of the dog laying by your side sickens you. You have....the flu. Lovely little winter bug.

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