Friday, October 14, 2016

3750 Miles

Mile 3,750!
Here's a selfie I snapped of Olivia and I  (this is Olivia's MO most of the trip...asleep on her pillow in the back seat next to the cooler) when Ken announced we had traveled a total of 3,750 miles so far! We have been completely across the United States and are now in Sacramento waiting out a storm so we can continue our travels.  It is literally the quiet before the storm so I have a little time to catch up on posting  (I now know I should have taken that course on travel blogging!).  It's been tricky keeping up with posting, writing, and managing pictures online with all our dry camping (where you have no water but we have a tank full, and no power but we have a generator and TWO batteries, and no sewer but we have a holding tank).  I love dry camping because of where you can go (and this place is not an RV parking lot where you can reach out and touch your trailer neighbor), although frequently we have neither phone nor internet connection so managing pictures and writing and posting is just not possible...which is probably why I love it! 

Anyway, as we await the remnants of Typhoon Songda to descend tomorrow and Sunday, here are some skyscapes I have been taking on this trip.  I am in awe of the vastness and ever-changing sky and have been snapping away throughout the trip as I sit in the passenger seat while my wonderful husband does all the work driving, keeping us on course and safe!

Somewhere, USA! 
Spectacularly Blue, Crater Lake and Wispy Magical Clouds!
Approaching Bend, Oregon

On the Way to Bend, Oregon
Clouds Floating Along, Missouri River
Always a Cloud Over the Grand Tetons
Coming Into Boise, Idaho

Again, Boise, Idaho

Coming from Grants Pass, Oregon into Sacramento, California

Foreboding Skies Over Olive Trees in California, North of Sacramento

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