Sunday, July 10, 2016

Joyful Yoga Therapy

So, several years ago I went through a lot of yoga training.  I seemed much more interested in personal growth and managing my own tension than teaching or maybe I was just too busy working full-time in the schools to imagine helping anybody else in my spare time!  But, over the course of several years I was trained as an adult yoga teacher (200 and 500 hour), meditation teacher, a children's yoga teacher and a yoga teacher in the schools.  The yoga training that meant the most to me was the year-long yoga therapy training that I most recently (but still a few years ago) completed.  Yoga therapy speaks to me because it combines everything I deeply care about, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health along with yoga philosophy and working individually with troubled souls.   It is true that over the years (taking my lunch to teach or teaching Friday afternoons after a long week working with complicated and often unhappy kids) I taught kids yoga and even yoga therapy.  But,  I have have waited until my divorce (retirement) from full-time work to really explore, enjoy, and get into yoga therapy to see what that can mean for kids.  And, the time is now.  So, with some ambivalence (interesting word because I do have a lot of "valent" feelings about doing this..shooting in one direction is "go for it!" and in another is "chill out, relax, contemplate your navel") and a lot of motivation to get my International Association of Yoga Therapists certification (149 hours to go!) I am holding a workshop with my amazing and wonderful yoga mentor that's all about kids and yoga therapy.  Doors close and others open.  Such is life....

Yoga Therapy for Kids

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