Monday, June 27, 2016

Retirement Day 6 - Oh My Aching Back

So one of the things I have noticed as I age is that it is true, it takes longer to heal thy body.  Most of the year I have had a tight muscle in my left arm/shoulder, strained somewhere along the way and exacerbated by the stress of my job and being hunched over the computer all year banging out IEPs.  And my left calf muscle has been tender for weeks, strained, I can only guess from either spinning class or stepping up and down at a rapid pace in my Step and Sculpt class.  Yesterday I was mowing the lawn and as I pulled back on the mower, up a little hill, I could literally feel my left lower back muscles cry out in pain from the strain.  I am taking notice. 

Tomorrow I start back into physical training with CC.  One of the things I promise myself with retirement and all the time I am so very grateful to have, is that I will get in great physical shape.  I am not in bad shape but I am flabby.  I have always had a soft "core" or middle. I can do minimal sit-ups and always look around at others in my gym class crunching away while I lay flat on my mat taking a breath and wondering how they can keep going.  I have pretty much always worked out a little,  several times a week (gym classes and yoga) but I know I need a focused program that I can stick to  involving weight training done the right way now that I am fully into my 60's...62 is only days away. 

And so with an aching back, a tender calf muscle and tight left shoulder, off I go not a little anxious about training with CC.  She is one of the most serious trainers I know, knowledgeable and no-nonsense.   I vow to follow the plan in between sessions....let me just get one more cup of tea!

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