Friday, June 24, 2016

Retirement Day 3 - Remembering the Nerd, Mr. Monk Service and Quidditch Classes

So, I am getting into the idea of never having to work again. Having written that I do have plans to get my international yoga therapy certification and practice, have a small practice and only because I want to.  One of our financial advisors told me that in all the years he had watched people retire, those who retired into something lived a longer and happier life than those who retired out of something.  I have taken that advice to heart and now hear the voices of others who say, "Don't do anything for the first year."  Ahhhh the stress of retirement!  lololo

I spent yesterday with my granddaughter.  She's in between school being out and summer program starting up and being my retired and happy self I eagerly took on her care for 3 days this week.  After we had lunch with husband and step-son we had some time.  "Do you want to go to the beach to see the sand sculptures or hang around in the library?"  Decisions, decisions.  To my surprise she chose the library where we had come to eat lunch.  I know that sounds odd, eating lunch in the library, but the town one over from us has decided to not fight the desire people have to eat and drink in the library and have created a cozy and well-lit space with small tables and recycling bins.  After picking up lunch at a local cafe and not wanting to eat in the sun (I am a sun lover but my husband, step-son, and granddaughter seek shade) we drove around and around town looking for a shady place to eat.  Apparently the world was doing the same thing and there was no parking space to be found and so we ended up at the library where my step-son had been hanging out working. 

And with the decision to stay at the library vs. head to the beach,  the nerd in me arose out of no where.  I recently read something about how libraries may soon be passe.  I have even pondered that myself.  I read so much online.  My husband watches the Today show where well-dressed and even better groomed people rattle on with in-your-face visuals and 2-second sound bites about worldly events.  I can read books and gather any information I desire on my iPad, my iPhone, my iMac.  But, as I was reminded yesterday, NOTHING replaces that feeling and the smell of standing in a room amongst other rooms on different levels full of all sorts of reading materials!  Ready to make our way up the spiral staircase to scope out the place (where have I been for the last 20 years?) my granddaughter stopped to admire he underwater photography display laid out at the bottom of the stairwell, before we took our first step.  "Wow,  take a look at that giant starfish!"  We picked put up a flyer for an upcoming presentation by a local underwater photographer, next week, and moved on up to the second floor.  It was there that I was drawn over to the hundreds of magazines all neatly propped up in their individual and well-identified places on tall racks.  Addy went down stairs to find a book and I was in magazine heaven.  I perused the magazine stacks and settled on a magazine I had never even heard of, Tricycle - The Buddhist Review.  I happily settled into a cozy chair in the quiet of a room overlooking the little patio.  Addy sat across from me reading Harry Potter.  Just outside a dragon fly bumped up against the window.   Reading a column in the Tricycle I was amused by the fact that Amazon Japan is now providing their customers with a new service "Obo-san bin," or "Mr. Monk Delivery!"  Customers can order a monk for anything from funerals to memorials on the basic plan for $300.  The article goes on to report that the "deliver-a-monk" service has demand has tripled over the past five years.  And finishes up by noting that not everybody is pleased.  You have gotta love it :) 

On our way out we found a little postcard announcing an upcoming Quidditch class for Addy!  The card had a picture of a broomstick and she stuck that in her pocket.  "We aren't really going to learn how to fly, are we, Grammie?"  Well who knows, I thought! 

On the agenda today is metal arts class and guess who gets to come with me!  

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