Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Onset Alzheimers?

I have recently been very busy. I work hard at work 50+ hours a week. I come home and have a very busy family life. Last night my husband brought up making homemade yogurt. I was thinking about how many more calories there was in full fat vs. no fat yogurt. He was talking fat. I was thinking calories. We have had the fat-in-yogurt conversation several times. As we launched into this conversation once again my husband looked at me and said, "We've had this conversation 8 times!" I just stood there. No we haven't I was thinking. He was thinking fat and I was thinking calories. Earlier that night I was all prepped for Panko-coated cod for dinner. I had defrosted some fish and set up my egg/Panko station to start coating fish. My husband unwrapped the thawed fish as we began to make dinner...and unveiled SALMON! Wow, I'm thinking, I need to slow down and pay more attention. Nothing to be alarmed about. About 10 minutes later my husband pulls me aside with grave concern on his face. I could tell he was thinking, "early onset Alzhemiers!" I had to laugh. All I need is a long nap, a yoga class and/or a 1/2 hour meditation!

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